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HEX Tuner – ECU Tunning

HEX Tuner – ECU Tunning


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Hex Tunner is a tuning software-only tool developed to modify, calibrate, and flash Toyota ECUs. It is designed specifically for creating and developing your own calibration.

HEX Tuner comes with certain «example» files. These files may be an example of how to do something in the software and example of one of our EROMs (enhanced ROMs) which have exclusive features like map switching, or gearlock function for automatic transmissions. To ensure customers can use these features without worry, examples that have this code or table control set-up is prepared.

Current Supported Vehicles
2015–2016 Lexus RCF USDM
2015–2016 Lexus GSF USDM
2018–2020 Toyota Camry 3.5L
2020 Toyota Camry 3.5L TRD
2018 — 2019 Toyota Tundra 5.7L
2018 — 2019 Toyota Tundra 5.7L Flex Fuel
2016–2020 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L
2015+ IS200T
2015+ NX200T
2016+ GS200T
2015+ RC200T
2016+ Corolla Levin 1.2 Turbo
2018+ IS300 2.0 Turbo
2018+ RC300 2.0 Turbo
2018+ GS300 2.0 Turbo
2011+ Scion tC2 2.5L
Beta support for 2GR-FKS Vehicles
2015+ GS350
2018+ Toyota VellFire — Alphard
2018+ Toyota HighLander
2018+ Lexus IS350 2GRFKS
2018+ RC350 2GRFKS
Map list
The most accurate map list and table list for these ECUs available anywhere. From ignition timing to fuel and limiters, there are hundreds of available tables.

Table information
Accurate tuning information and helpful hints about what the tables do.

Tuning help
Get support from the developers, if you need help.

ECU Protection
You cannot brick your ECU with this software. You can always recover it.

Tune Protection
Protect your tune from other tuners with the custom ECU Locking patch, which disables reading.

Permanently Unlock ECU IDs For tuning
Using vF Credits you can pay once to unlock a ECU ID, and tune as many vehicles as you want with this specific ID. No per VIN or per vehicle basis. Pay once, use as many times as you want ECU

Unlock Cost
All ECU unlocks are a standard 4 credit cost. The software comes standard with 5 available credits.

Custom Patch Features
Exclusive patch features created through custom code that allows for patches like Big Maps, larger than stock calibration tables, boost map patching, for vehicles that need additional fuel for forced induction, map switching and more. Large Ignition tables with maximum load caps increased for accurate boost tuning on the lexus RCF.

Datalogging and Datalog viewer tool
Integrated Qt datalogger that has the fastest capture and refresh rate for logs. A large selection of PIDs for datalogging. Datalogger saves in CSV format.

Not all calibration IDs are supported. For 1.5 and 2.0 ECUs that have READ capability, all are supported. For 1.5 and 2.0mb ECU with ECU READ not possible, only calibration ECUs that we have in our database are supported. Certain models like 2019 and 2020 Tundra ECUs are not supported. Software is provided for owners that would like to investigate new developments in software or hardware for your own property. This software is strictly for off-road use and competition use for your own property. This software is provided for research and development purposes. This software IS NOT A TUNE. Rather it allows you to develop your own for your vehicle for competition use. This software is designed to make modifications to certain parameters within the software of your property. This product CANNOT be used to cheat, disable, alter, or defeat emissions control reporting.


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